About Suzuki Horn

Lisa completed training in Every Child Can and Suzuki Brass in April 2021 

Lisa is currently collaborating with the community of Suzuki Brass Instructors from around the world to develop the method for brass.

As of 2021, there are less than 12 hornists worldwide and approximately 100 brass total. 

The Suzuki method advocates that talent can be obtained through environment, example, and repetition. 

This studio focuses on the mastery of the fundamentals through games, repetition and exploration, just as one learns their native language. 

Parents, students, and instructor will all work together for the benefit of the student in the development as a musician and person. 

Quotes included below are from Nurtured by Love and Ability Development from Age Zero by Dr. Suzuki

Studio Mission:

"Train students to be a fine artist and person”

Emphasis on character, community, connections and camaraderie.

Students will grow to become amazing musicians AND members of society.  

What a Suzuki studio consists of:

Mini Concerts

“Children learn abilities best when they’re having fun”

Encourage your musician to have FUN mini concerts. Think “outside the box” for your concerts! Dress up, invite relatives, play outside, host on zoom with relatives from afar, etc. 

CELEBRATE any effort, congratulate and encourage your musician to play again and again the following week or month! 

My 6 year old son violinist used to previously loathe getting his violin out to practice. Since incorporating the home concerts, he now LOVES playing!

“Praise them when they do as much as they can”



This studio will continue to provide incentives and rewards to encourage mini concerts and practice sessions! Ask me for ideas how to incorporate at home!

“Everyone has a sprout of talent. Developing that sprout into a wonderful ability depends upon how it is cultivated” Play is such a great way to cultivate ability.

Group Classes

“People who understand children make fine teachers… What the children enjoy most is the group playing. They play with the children who are more advanced than they are; the influence is enormous and is marvelous for their training. This is the real talent education.”

“Until now, the majority of education methods have concentrated merely upon teaching in bits and pieces instead of nurturing talent” … “ I shall use the method of ability breeding ability” 

Group classes are one of the CORE beliefs of the Suzuki Philosophy. 

Group classes and recitals provide an excellent opportunity for younger musicians to see and hear the talent of more proficient musicians and get excited about their personal growth. It is also rewarding for the more experienced hornists to see how much they have advanced and to feel a sense of accomplishment in their development.

 Recitals and Community Events

“I think that all of the people who love art, those who teach art, and all of you, should burn with the obligation to save the world”

This studio focuses on sharing their talents with their families and loved ones. We will continue to have events such as caroling, recitals, ensembles, etc. that help share our gifts with others.

Lisa Hummel’s Favorite Quotes from Ability Development from Age Zero

“The thought radiations, and the thoughts and feelings of a person, show all over.”

“When you can delicately feel what is in the heart of another, then you will be able to understand Bach and Mozart. The ability to feel music means understanding the human heart.”

“A truly civilized human being is thoughtful to others, pours his love on others, knows the joy of living, and enjoys working for the happiness of all”

“The heart radiations, and the thoughts and feelings of a person show all over.”

‘We should love children for the pure, beautiful things that radiate from their hearts. Love and respect combined is what establishes a bond”

“Laughter and dissolving the stress at home is a better provision for tomorrow than building up stress through needless anger.”

“We were born as wonderful human beings with limitless possibilities”

“If a child is brought up to have a beautiful heart and wonderful abilities, with love for others and the happiness of being loved, then the mission of a parent is ended”

“Great talent and a deep, beautiful feeling in the heart are closely tied together”

“Teaching intonation, and teaching technique will never be more than a method. We are burning with a deeper mission that we must do something for the future”

“Music exists for the purpose of growing an admirable heart”

“A cheerful lifestyle is constructed by having a cheerful heart overflowing with love for other people”

Lisa Hummel’s Favorite Quotes from Nurtured by Love

“A true artist is a person with beautiful and fine feelings, thoughts and actions.

“Ease comes with training”- “We simply have to train and educate our ability… do the thing over and over again until it feels natural, simple, and easy. That is the secret.”

“Expend effort on improving yourself.” With self-discipline and repetition, self-confidence and improvement in the task is developed.

“Listen continuously to the best performers… soon you will improve and it is no longer technique only but the possession of spirit and heart.”

“Repeat and repeat an action until it becomes a part of ourselves.”

“Achievement is the product of energy and patience, which have to be trained like all other abilities.”

“Do not hurry… [but] Do not rest in your efforts”

“By means of kan (intuition or sixth sense) we receive the power of sensibility to play. Through repeated practice we acquire remarkable strength. Our life activity involuntary works up a great power, namely the ability of kan, that enables us to overcome all difficulties.”

“There is no other way to teach kan, or any other ability, than through good, energetic practice.”

“Intuition is the reliability slumbering at the base of rational experiences, and it works in an instant when needed. Without training, intuition (just like other abilities) cannot grow.”

In regards to Talent Education- “No one will be left behind; and based on love; it will foster truth, joy and beauty as a part of a child’s character. If nothing else, it will at least teach children… to be warm-hearted and to enjoy doing kindness to others.”

“Learn to be a good listener… Rather than talking yourself, learn to draw the other person out, and above all listen.”

Experience life as a child- “They have no thought of self-deception, trust people and do not doubt at all, know only how to love and know not how to hate, love justice & scrupulously keep the rules, seek joy, live cheerfully and are full of life. They know no fear and live in security.”

Einstein- “It (the optics of motion) occurred to me by intuition. And music is the driving force behind this intuition… My new discovery is the result of musical perception.”

“An indescribable, sublime, ecstatic joy had take hold of my soul. I had been given a glimpse of Mozart’s spiritual world. Through sound, for the first time in my life, I had been able to feel the highest pulsating beauty of the human spirit, and my blood burned within me. It was a moment of sublime eternity when I, a human being, had gone beyond the limits of this physical body.” Wow! The POWER of music and sound!!

“Children are examples of life in its truest form, for they really try to live in pure love and joy.”

“The real essence of art turned out to be not something high up and far off. It was right inside my ordinary daily self. The very way one greets people and expresses oneself is art. If a musician wants to become a fine artist, he must first become a finer person… A work of art is the expression of a man’s whole personality, sensibility, and ability.”

“With the emphasis put only on informing and instructing, the actual growing life of the child is ignored.”

From very young children are ordered to listen, and this creates a subconscious resistance habit! “Because they are incapable of putting thoughts into action straight away time after time, people’s destiny never develops.”

“If you want to do something, do it!” “The habit of action- this, I think is the most important thing we must acquire. Life’s success or failure actually depends on this one thing… We should get so that it is second nature to put our thoughts into action. Start now, today… It is an indispensable skill.”

“We are all born with a high potential, and if we try hard we can all become superior human beings and acquire talent and ability”